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Вечер, наполненный и раздвинутый на сколько хватает глаз перекрещивающимися и сплавляющимися отзвуками завершившихся Осеннего проекта Московского ансамбля с оставшимися при нас Выходными, Дистанционного курса ГК, Линогравюрного курса с Выставкой, ощущением новых струй в Кружке, несколькими важными Встречами, учащающимися совпадениями и вот, Роберт публикует такой текст:

The Guitar Circle

On March 25th. 1985 the first Guitar Craft course began in West Virginia. Guitar Craft’s creative current continued into the Guitar Circle and will soon be celebrating its Thirtieth Anniversary. Perhaps 3,500 people have attended courses, and there are currently several active Guitar Circles on three continents. From a conventional viewpoint, GC can be considered “a success”. GC is a form which has enabled a current, with objective value IMO, to enter the world and the lives of quite-a-few people. Most likely, I have benefited more than any other. Gratitude! Guitar Craft, and the Guitar Circle, are my proper work in this life.

But there is a danger in “success”. For participants who have been touched by the potent Silence that accompanies GC, there can be a tendency to see Robert as a Teacher. The danger, then, is that Robert might believe them. And then things get severely screwed. In established structures this often takes the form of rigidity, with the crystallisation of hierarchy and power structure.
GC has not yet reached this point. Nevertheless, this is almost inevitable in any process and requires intentional intervention for the current to continue on course.

Never be afraid to let go of a good thing.

The stage that follows is where, in order to continue truly, the process escapes our control. This is to be celebrated: if we could control the process, it wouldn’t be worth controlling. For our process to “succeed”, we move into a creative area that cannot be known beforehand: if it could, it wouldn’t be creative! Something new enters the theatre ex nihilo. As in improvisation, we take the leap unknowing of where we go. This can be scary - we might fall - hence the tendency to fix things where they are. And we might fly away to a place where life begins, again.

Time to shake things up.

dear team,
have been reflecting on the mid-term future.
i have a sense that something is approaching, but i'm not sure what.
i would like to leave myself open to - whatever.
2016-2017-2018 is a major shifting time IMO.

so, my intention is to meet existing commitments to courses, which currently extend to october 2016 in lunlunta;
and then do nothing - as much as i can! - after this.

i can rationalise this to some extent. like...
1. time for those who have been touched by their work in the Guitar Circle to use their initiative and deepen their practice.
2. a new generation may step forward to accept positions of responsibility.
3. those who need to do nothing themselves may also do just that!
the different locations of GC work are increasingly autonomous, while connected to and part of the larger Guitar Circle.
this i encourage.

perhaps that maturing will continue and go further without robert around!
probably more to say, but that in person.

Wednesday 10th. December, 2014;

«У меня чувство, что что-то приближается, но я не уверен — что».

Время сгустилось, тишина приближения осязаемо разлита в воздухе.
Tags: Гитар Крафт, Гитарный Круг, Кружок скорого рисунка, Фрипп, дневник, текст, цитата
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