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Выходные с Микой

The Guitar Circle Of Europe

Сайт ГКЕ, сообщает (http://guitarcircleofeurope.com/guitar-ensemble-of-moscow-weekend/), что мы проводим выходные с Микой в эти выходные:

Guitar Ensemble of Moscow Weekend

Saturday, December 6, 2014 to Sunday, December 7, 2014 · Art Trophy Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Directed by Mikael Weichbrodt
Local Coordinator: Ilya Putilin

This Weekend is held primarily to meet the needs of the Guitar Ensemble of Moscow, with special focus on re-introducing the Basics – fundamental principles of the use of both hands and Guitar Craft Primary Exercises – as well as preparing the Ensemble members for their future work together as well as individually.

The GEM Weekend will begin at 10:00 on Saturday and run from 10:00 to 19:00 on both Saturday and Sunday. Participants are asked to arrive at 09:30. There will be a break for lunch at 13:00 on both days (not included in the fee).

Contribution: 5000 RUB

In order to attend this Weekend, please contact the local Registrar (fantopop@gmail.com) and confirm your participation, please send your full name and contact info.

Tags: Гитарный Круг, Московский гитарный ансамбль, музыка
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